Saturday, May 26, 2012

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   - Justine Mei Aquino

 - Alice Wonder

 - Mallworld Cwmall

A - Rafaela Styles

 - Sixa O Smitt

 - Cloe Jelly

- Nevena Puri

 - Valentina Micu

-Azalea Rinkimekakutaka Arakaki

 - Diya Biswas

 - Sondra McFarland

  - Jessica Rowles

  - Sandra Chantelle Ramos

  - Alicia Potter

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


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Hey And Dont Even Forget to tagged my name! :D

By : Joke Verwaest                

    By : Emily Ding

    By : Alice Wonder

Her description : Happy Mother's Day Even Royalities celebrate they are not diffrent from us.. We ALL OVER THE WORLD, rich or poor, famous or not love our Mothers ♥

  By : Ana Nikky Green

  By : Cindy Sherrick 

By : Ceecee Kirby                       

By : Jandy Yuen                       

Her description : My entry ... Isnt my best work cuz i had to rush it a bit. But yeah ;D I made the background lol...

By : Justine Mei Aquino        

Admin who prepared the '' Mothers Day ( Quick Contest ) ''
is Mikaela Francesca Pal 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Princess Of Fashion

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Mall World Stars Next Princess Of Fashion Final

Thea Ursales
Yureen Mae FloresFloral Scent
  Emily Ding
Mallworld Cwmall                
 Faith Jhen 
 Cindy Sherrick
  Jandy Yuen
 Cheska Coco

Best Look Of The Day Contestants

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Prepared By Mikaela Francesca Pal

 This entry is from Alaysia Kerry
                                                                Title is : Pretty But Simple

This entry is from Klarkris Mw
                                                               Title is : White Angel

  This entry is from Tiffany Xu
                                                               Title is : Black/White Chick
 This entry is from Lannie Hope
                                                 Title is : '' Color Block ''
This entry is from Floral Scent
                                                               Title is : Goddess Beauty
  This entry is from Rafaela Styles
                                                         Title is : Floral Day in the sun

   This entry is from Waren Geraldi
                                                                   Title : Pink in beauty
            This entry is from Yuri Lee
                                                    Title : The Sweetheart Royal Blue

  This entry is from Gabrielle Tabora
                                                                              Title : Gothic Lolita

 This entry is from Jandy Yuen
                                                          Title is : Black Lady Bird Gown

    This entry is from Gina Khaled
                                                         Title is : The Hidden Beauty of Black
      This entry is from Cheska Coco
                                                                   Title is : Golden Angel Wings

    This entry is from Blue Angel
                                                                  Title is : GLADIATOR
   This entry is from Thera Zuch Ovung
                                                                   Title is : The Caged Bird Owner

       This entry is from Mallworld Cwmall
                                                          Title is : Double Trouble lol xD

    This entry is from Evelina Mallover
                                                                   Title is : Brown/red bow

   This entry is from Priya Sharma
                                                             Title is : Princess With the Castle

   This entry is from Thea Ursales
                                                                                         Title is : Fantasy Do Re Mi Outfit ^_^
   This entry is from Cindy Sherrick
                                                                 Title is : Golden Beauty

     This entry is from Joke Verwaest 
                                                                    Title is  : Heart Of Gold

  This entry is from Aachal Gowan
                                                             Title is : Black & White Chick

   This entry is from Yureen Mae Flores
                                                                 Title is : Road to Success

   This entry is from Emily Ding
                                      Title is : Romantic walk in a park after fancy party


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