Saturday, May 5, 2012

About Myself

Posted by Mikaela Francesca Pal at 10:52 PM
My name is Mikaela Francesca Pal Cawad
My friends call me M.i.k
but my real nickname is K-LA not KAYLA
My birthday is December 18 
I am 12 years old
I am in 6'th grade this coming school year
My teachers name in grade 5 is Eda Ingusan Pacaldo
I don't really know what is my grade 6 teacher
The name of my school is Cesareo Villa-Abrille Elementary School
I am tall , I have grow 5 inches since last year
I don't know what is my weight
I have only 1 sister.

My favorite group is my Mall World Family
We like to make raffles,contest,and etc.
One new thing I learned this week is 
A Little Division
The best book i ever read is the dictionary
The part I like the best about it is the meanings
My favorite TV show is Korean Drama`s
I like it because it has a part of a Love Story
I like being my age because I can play computer every day when i have 
No class, and when its school days its time to study.

When i grow up, I'd like to be an I.T Student
I'd like it because i wanna know something that i never knew
in my own computer.

 This is now i look today :)

If i could anything in the world, here is what I would wish for:
To finish my studies and have a peaceful family and friends
even were not in the same DNA, We are still sisters:

My Sisters in mw 
Loziumm Wasi Musarrat Jeba
Diya Biswas
Raymber Collins 
Pretty Angel 
Jandy Yuen 

My Wonderful Family 
Mom : Pal Raine
Grandfather : Juan Pal
Grandmother : Maria Loreto Gonzales
Sister : Chelsea Jeanille Pal


Amaya Chika said...

Wow keep on posting Ate...i am one of your followers....For a starter blogger GOOD LUCK.

Evie Alice said...

All these are really nice! great job!

Yureen Mae said...

Great blog ^_^

Mikaela Francesca Pal said...

Thanks Yureen :D

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